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Upload csv :


1. Input the prediction length you want to predict into the first text box of the form (min 5, max 30).

2. Input into the second text box the column number where the historical data is in your csv file. If you only have 1 column in your csv, input "1".

3. Attach your csv file and submit.

An example of a correct output is displayed on the left.

At SmartMachines, we want to help as many people as possible. That's why we study Machine Learning and share our findings here with everyone.

Our first project is to build a simple tool for Forex/Stock traders to predict the trend of the market. Brokers and investors have been watching the market movements closely on minute basis but still making incorrect decisions. Imagine you see a moving trend similar to those that have appeared in the market before, but you cannot predict whether it will go up or down in the next period of time. With this tool, you can quickly check on historical data to find similar patterns and the percentage of upwards and downwards movements. Then you can easily base your decision on these findings and learn more about the movements of the market rather than just random nature.